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Reviewer Recommendation

An Edanz expert can help you choose and prepare a list of up to four suitable peer reviewers to recommend to the journal editor when you submit your manuscript. This can save time for both you and the journal editor, and maximizes the chance of your manuscript receiving a thorough and fair review. If you would like more than four recommendations, please use the field below.




What we need:

Please send us all relevant documents:

  • Manuscript
  • Details of your target journal
  • The history of your paper: has it been rejected? If so, from which journal and when? Have you revised your paper?
  • Supporting or supplementary information, including figures and/or tables



  • See a sample Reviewer Recommendation Report here.


What Edanz does:

Edanz will find four appropriate reviewers for your manuscript based on

  • Research expertise and publishing record
  • Compatibility with your manuscript's contents
  • Suitable academic level and location
  • Target journal's guidelines