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Radhika Johari

  • Radhika Johari

    2003 - MA Social Anthropology, York University

    1990 - MA Hons Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh

    Currently completing her PhD in social anthropology at York University, Toronto, Ms Johari has over a decade’s editing experience in diverse fields. After graduating from Edinburgh University, she worked as a consultant in South Asia, including for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP); the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF); Canada’s International Development and Research Centre (IDRC); and the Ford Foundation. One of her roles was editing scientific research papers and evaluating proposals related to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Ms Johari has published papers and reviews in prominent journals, including Conservation and Society, and in edited book collections. She has also served as a peer reviewer for the World Development journal, the most cited developmental studies journal. Ms Johari joined the Edanz Group in 2013 and edits in a variety of fields in the social sciences and in environmental studies.