Publication Ethics

Edanz takes publication ethics seriously. Find out more about our policies and practices here.



Senior Editors

The Edanz team of senior in-house editors brings a variety of research, journal publication and editing skills to their management of the 400+ team of external expert editors.

Adam Goulston
Senior Editor
2002 - MISD: Master of International Social Development, University of New South Wales, Australia
English Editing

Editing by native speakers of English who are experts in your field. Clear communication of your science significantly increases your manuscript's potential to be accepted for publication.
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Review Editing

This is only for manuscripts originally edited by Edanz before submission; you have then revised your manuscript in response to peer review comments.
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Journal Selection

Submitting to an inappropriate journal is one of the most common reasons for rejection. Reading about and assessing all possible journals is time consuming and frustrating. Edanz will do this for you, and match journals to your paper and your goals.
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Expert Scientific Review

A pre-submission scientific review of your manuscript that identifies any issues that might prevent peer reviewers from recommending your paper for acceptance for publication.
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Reviewer Recommendation

Choosing peer reviewers is time-consuming. Edanz can help you to recommend potential reviewers that are right for your manuscript.


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Cover Letter Development

The cover letter is your chance to speak directly to the journal editor about your research. Edanz can write a strong and convincing cover letter that highlights the strengths of your manuscript and identifies why the journal should publish it.
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