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edanz editing point-by-point response letter and manuscript check

Response Letter & Manuscript Check (Point-by-Point)

We edit your Point-by-Point response letter and check that the letter and manuscript correctly address the reviewer comments. We also check that your manuscript reflects the necessary changes.

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What we need:

  • Your Original manuscript
  • Your revised or Original manuscript with Tracked Changes
  • Reviewers' comments (and journal editor's comments)
  • Your Point by Point Response letter
  • Supporting information if relevant

What we do:

Send us the reviewers' comments, your response letter, your revised manuscript and any additional figures, and Edanz will

  • Edit the response letter
  • Check that the response letter and the corresponding manuscript changes are consistent with each other
  • Check that both the manuscript and response letter address each of the reviewers' comments
  • Provide the author with a simple explanation of what is necessary if the responses provided by the author are insufficient.
  • Ensure professional, robust and accurate responses (agreements and rebuttals)

Please note, this service includes editing of the response letter and and a check of the corresponding manuscript text only. If you would like your manuscript edited as well, please order English Editing separately.


Service Fees:

Edanz Point by point manuscript check fees


How long does it take?

edanz editing response letter check