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English Editing

Since 1995 Edanz has helped more than 20,000 researchers publish their work in international journals. After an Edanz expert has revised the language of your manuscript it will clearly communicate your research and be publication ready.



What can Edanz edit?

  • Manuscripts
  • Abstracts
  • Cover letters
  • Point-by-point responses
  • Books
  • Grant applications
  • Conference posters and presentations
  • Pharmaceutical and regulatory documents


What Edanz does

  • Edits for grammar, clarity and accuracy of scientific expression

  • Clearly communicates the novelty and significance of your research

  • Checks the requirements of your target journal to make sure the following meet submission requirements:
    • Title page

    • Abstract structure

    • Spelling type

    • Word count (abstract/manuscript)

  • Leaves a guiding comment if a required section is missing
  • Edits references (optional)

  • Two rounds of editing encourages communication between author and editor to ensure clarity

    After editing over 160,000 manuscripts, we know that one round of editing is sometimes not sufficient for manuscripts to reach the level of English needed for peer reviewers and journal editors to accept your manuscript. Therefore, Edanz gives you the opportunity to have two rounds of editing for our standard fee. A second round of editing may be needed because there are places where the editor could not understand your intended meaning and clarification is required. In such cases, our editor will leave comments or suggestions for you during the first round of editing. You can then reply to any comments, make any changes you think might be needed and then return the manuscript for a “2nd (Clarification) Edit.”

2nd (Clarification) Edit:

You can request a 2nd (Clarification) Edit from the Order Details page in your Edanz account. 


How long does it take?

edanz expert english editing