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edanz editing cover letter development

Cover Letter Development

The cover letter is your chance to speak directly to the journal editor about your research. Edanz will write a strong and convincing cover letter that highlights the strengths of your manuscript and identifies why the journal should publish it.




A Cover letter developed by Edanz will:

  • Explain the novelty and significance of your research
  • Identify why the research is important to the readers of the journal
  • Conform to the guidelines of the target journal
  • Include necessary acknowledgments, statements and declarations
  • Incorporate author’s recommended reviewers


What we need

Please send us all relevant documents that you have:

  • Previous journal editor's comments
  • Previous reviewers' comments
  • The history of your paper: has it been rejected? If so, from which journal and when? Have you revised your paper?
  • Supporting or supplementary information, including figures and/or tables


How long does it take?

edanz editing cover letter development