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Additional Editing

If your manuscript has already been edited by Edanz, you can submit it for an additional round of editing. An Edanz expert will raise your manuscript’s language level to be publication ready by checking for consistency and editing any newly added text.


Pricing varies depending on the additions made to your manuscript after the first edit made by Edanz. Please send us your manuscript to receive a quote.

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Types of Additional Editing

1. Clarification Edit:

  • An extra round of editing after the first edit and before submission to a journal>>FREE*

*An editing fee may be assessed if a substantial amount of new text has been added since the first edit.


2. Review Edit:

  • Editing of a manuscript that has been revised after submission to a journal or peer review
  • Fees are charged at the discounted rate of $0.05 per word



What Edanz does

  • Edits newly added text for grammar, clarity and accuracy of scientific expression
  • Checks the whole manuscript for consistency
  • Clearly communicates the novelty and significance of your research
  • Checks the requirements of your target journal to make sure the following meet submission requirements:
    • Title page
    • Abstract structure
    • Spelling type
    • Word count (abstract/manuscript)
  • Leaves a guiding comment if a required section is missing


If you would like us to edit your response letter and check your manuscript to make sure you have addressed reviewer comments correctly, you may also be interested in our Response Letter & Manuscript Check service.