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Publication Planning

Getting a manuscript published can be a long process. We know from our sample submission timeline that it can take up to 10 months to go from choosing a journal to getting your manuscript accepted. In extreme cases, maybe even longer. Therefore, it is good practice to start preparing the foundations of a manuscript up to a year before any critical deadlines for acceptance. With efficient use of your time and adherence to a publication plan, you won’t feel rushed pulling your manuscript together once your study is complete because you will have been working on it in parts the entire time. You will also benefit from having more time to worry about the quality of your report, which may help improve the speed of the entire submission process.

Check out the timeline below for our suggestions on when to start different aspects of your manuscript for the most efficient use of your time. Planning your publications will ultimately vary depending on your personal situation and study schedule, but this will give you an idea to get started.

Click on each item in the timeline or choose the ‘List’ view for a detailed explanation of each stage.