About Edanz

The Edanz Team


The Edanz Group was established in Fukuoka in 1995 and, through innovation and dedication to our authors’ success, we have become a globally recognized trusted author services provider. We have offices in Japan and China, and sales representatives in South Korea, that serve our customers from all over the world. Keeping in mind our goal of breaking down the barriers to publication success, we regularly hold seminars for authors in an ever-expanding list of countries that includes Brazil, Brunei, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Thailand.


Senior Editors

The Edanz team of senior in-house editors brings a variety of research, journal publication and editing skills to their management of our team of 400+ external expert editors. They assign author manuscripts to the most suitable expert editors and manage the editing process. They are also responsible for the development of Edanz’s online materials for authors and the delivery of the Edanz author training seminars that are presented worldwide in conjunction with our publisher partners.


Quality Control

The members of the Edanz Quality Control (QC) Editing Team bring a variety of skill sets to their editing work, and all share a love of language. Their fine eye for detail and keen understanding of good  language usage ensure that no manuscript leaves Edanz without being the best it can be. In addition to copy editing and proofreading, members of the QC team are involved at all stages of editor training and have numerous other roles within the company.


Customer Service

We deliver outstanding customer support and our dedicated customer service team will help answer any and all of your questions. You can contact our support center through a message on our website, by email, or by phone.

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Founder's Greeting

I began the Edanz language editing service for ESL authors in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1995. From the beginning Edanz offered an innovative service; cutting prices by over 50% and reducing the then standard seven day delivery to just three, with an overnight express service. Edanz has always been and still is the leading language editing innovator. The first to openly tell authors who their editors were and show their background qualifications; the first, in 2008, to offer expert services such as journal selection, expert scientific review (pre-submission peer review), abstract development, and rewriting support in response to peer review; the first, in 2012, to offer a free journal selector tool searching over 18,000 journals and relevant to researchers in all fields. New innovative tools and services will be released in 2016. I am proud that Edanz is considered the editing industry “gold standard” for quality and on time service. The professionalism of our worldwide team of expert editors, writers and reviewers, our in-house senior and quality control editors, and our IT and customer service teams is unparalleled. Authors using Edanz services can be confident their chances of publication will be greatly increased. I personally guarantee the quality of our work.


Kerry Greer
Edanz Group