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With so many journals to choose from, you need to be confident that the journal you submit to is a reputable journal in the field. How can you do this?


There are lists available online that can help you determine which journals are reputable (e.g., those from DOAJ or Scholarly Open Access), but learning how to carefully evaluate each journal yourself is the best way to ensure that the journal you choose is the best one for your manuscript.


There are a number of factors you should consider:



As more journals start to take advantage of the benefits of the online format, this has follow on effects for authors and their submissions. Online publication allows manuscripts to be more visual and interactive and editors are using those features to help attract more readers. One of the increasingly common features editors are adopting in this style is the graphical abstract.



Author awareness key in selecting reputable editing services


As Asia becomes a larger player in publishing research, the threat of unscrupulous companies looking to profit from this growth also increases.


On September 29,  Dr Trevor Lane led an Author Success Workshop at Chulabhorn Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand.  The workshop was titled Publishing Clinical Research: Increasing Your Chances of Acceptance. The attendees included doctors (oncology/radiology/internal medicine), nurses, scientists and researchers.


You’re not writing for yourself, you’re writing for your reader


Readers, without knowing it, expect information to appear in certain places throughout a text. Good writers consider these expectations when putting together a manuscript. In this 5-part series, based on the classic article by Gopen and Swan, we’ll look at some of the elements you can use to address these expectations and improve the readability of your manuscript.



Writing well involves a lot of practice, but one of the first ways to start improving your writing is through good grammar. Every two weeks we’ll look at a new language problem and learn some tricks for getting it right, and when exceptions should be made. What areas do you find tricky when writing? Let us know in the comments!


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