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Libby Cone, MD, MA, has been working with Edanz since 2013. In that time she has edited nearly 400 manuscripts for Edanz client authors. A radiology and imaging expert, Dr. Cone is not only an experienced scientific editor, but also the author of four works of historical fiction.


Which of the following is/are correct in scientific writing?

  1. The replies which came from five students were transcribed and translated.

  2. The replies that came from five students were transcribed and translated.

  3. The replies, which came from five students were transcribed and translated.  

  4. The replies, which came from five students, were transcribed and translated.  



Edanz Group is pleased to announce that its Education Director and Senior Publishing Consultant, Dr Trevor Lane, has been elected as a Council Member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the world’s main organization promoting ethical journal publishing.

Dr Lane won the seat on COPE Council in June 2016 in an election held among COPE’s more than 10,000 membership to fill eight council vacancies. During his three-year voluntary post as a Council Member, he will help carry out COPE’s operational activities and contribute to the committee’s policy making and management.


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Edanz Group announced today the appointment of Koji Yamashita as Chief Executive Officer effective from 1 January 2016.  Koji Yamashita succeeds Kerry Greer, the founder of Edanz.  He joins David Main, Chairman, and Kerry Greer on the Edanz Group board.

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