Edanz announced today that it is partnering with Aries Systems in adopting the Editorial Manager Ingest Service for its Author Path product ( 

The Edanz Author Path was launched in beta last April in both English and Chinese. This partnership means authors using the Author Path, will be able to submit files and metadata associated with their manuscripts to the thousands of journals using Editorial Manager with a single click.


FUKUOKA, Japan - Edanz Group has joined the global campaign of Think Check Submit to raise awareness among researchers, authors, and institutions about checking reputability of academic journals.



FUKUOKA, Japan - Edanz Group is proud to announce the beta launch of the Author Path, a new scientific writing and collaboration tool for researchers and authors specifically developed for non-native English speakers.



Edanz is proud to announce a new collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to provide language editing services.



FUKUOKA, Japan - Edanz Group has launched a free elearning website called the Edanz Author Academy to help early-career researchers learn about the research publication process.



Edanz Group is pleased to announce that its Education Director and Senior Publishing Consultant, Dr Trevor Lane, has been elected as a Council Member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the world’s main organization promoting ethical journal publishing.

Dr Lane won the seat on COPE Council in June 2016 in an election held among COPE’s more than 10,000 membership to fill eight council vacancies. During his three-year voluntary post as a Council Member, he will help carry out COPE’s operational activities and contribute to the committee’s policy making and management.