Why Choose Edanz?



To start using Edanz, you will first need to register. This is an easy process that gives you the following benefits:



 Follow the steps below to create an account


1. Click on 'Register Now' in the top right menu bar

2. Enter your details and click 'Register'

3. Check your inbox for your registration confirmation and details of your discount 





How can I order?

Using Edanz is simple:

Once you have created an account, from the homepage add English Editing to your shopping cart and click 'Checkout' to begin the order process. You will be asked to give information about your manuscript and to attach your files. Finally, you can review your order. If it all looks good you can submit your order to our customer service team.


When should I pay?

Payment can be made after we have completed your order and you have downloaded your files.

We accept credit card, bank transfer, and Paypal payments.


How long does it take?

A standard order takes 3 business days. We also have express options if you need the work completed faster.


I'm not ready to order. Can I get a quote?

Yes. Please use the quote form at the bottom of this page.


I have a question about your services. Who can I contact?

Our customer service team will answer any questions you have. You can contact them through live chat located at the bottom right of your screen, through the contact form below or phone:

Tel: +81 50 5532 3619 

You must have Javascript enabled to use this form.

You must have Javascript enabled to use this form.