Peter Humphries

  • Peter Humphries

    2008 - PhD Mathematics, University of Canterbury

    2001 - BPhEd Exercise Prescription, University of Otago

    2000 - BSc Mathematics, University of Otago

    Dr Humphries is a mathematician whose research focuses on graph theory, in particular combinatorics of phylogenetic trees (topological rearrangements and hybridization, extremal problems, agreements forests, reconstruction problems), matroid theory (Rota’s basis conjecture, basis exchange properties, transversals of set systems), and number theory. The coauthor of numerous publications, he has excellent writing and editing skills from his work experience as an English teacher, as an instructor and lecturer for university-level mathematics students, and more recently as a contributor for Mathematical Reviews. Currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Physics at North Carolina Central University, USA, Dr Humphries joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2009.