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Leonie Pipe

  • Leonie Pipe

    2011 - Post Graduate Diploma in Biological Sciences (with Distinction), University of Auckland

    2009 - PhD Physics, University of Auckland

    1998 - MSc Physics, University of Auckland

    1996 - BSc Physics, University of Auckland

    Dr Pipe’s PhD research focused on biological modeling, investigating the colony growth dynamics of two species of bacteria on high-nutrient agar to develop a mathematical model that could mimic observed growth behavior. She then tested the model by numerical simulation. During this PhD research, Dr Pipe developed numerical techniques to simulate nutrient flows, and worked on reaction-diffusion equations and their applications. She has also studied a range of biological science topics at the postgraduate level, including bioinformatics, entomology, advanced ecology and structural biology. Dr Pipe has a broad range of academic interests related to biophysics, as well as subjects ranging from food science to microbial ecology. Specialized areas include modeling of tumor growth, environmental aspects of bacterial growth in foods, and biofilm development. Dr Pipe joined Edanz Group as an editor and writer in 2010.