Dr Kate Harris

Dr Harris has a PhD and postdoctoral research experience in supramolecular and co-ordination chemistry. She has specific knowledge of NMR spectroscopy, in particular of diffusion techniques and the measurement and analysis of NMR spectra of paramagnetic compounds. Her PhD thesis was entitled “Polymer or macrocycle? Cobalt complexes of ditopic 2,2’:6’,2”-terpyridine ligands with flexible spacers,” and involved an in-depth study of both the solution speciation and the solid-state structures of these complexes. After graduating, Dr Harris spent 2 years at The University of Tokyo where she worked on the non-covalent functionalization of large self-assembled spherical complexes. She has published her work in several international journals, including the Journal of the American Chemical Society and Chemical Communications, and has presented at national and international conferences. During her PhD, Kate worked as an editorial assistant for the journal Polyhedron. She has also worked as a freelance language editor for manuscripts written by non-native English-speaking authors, including those accepted for publication by ChemPhysChem. Dr Harris joined the Edanz Group as an in-house Senior Editor in December 2014 and is based in the Fukuoka office.

2010 – PhD Chemistry, University of Basel, Switzerland
Senior Editors