Dr Eri Kinoshita

Dr Kinoshita has an academic background in the life sciences and has expertise in protein expression, purification, and analysis, as well as a wide variety of molecular biology techniques. She is bilingual in English and Japanese, and has experience in scientific and technical communication and science-based business development. After gaining a BA with a double major in Psychology and Biology from the International Christian University, Japan, she moved to the Netherlands, where she received an MSc in Molecular (Plant) Biotechnology from Leiden University and a PhD in Biochemistry from the Erasmus University Medical Center. For her PhD research, Dr Kinoshita studied a protein complex (Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1) that is involved in DNA repair and chromosome stability, and she published her research in several international peer-reviewed journals including Genes and Development, Chromosome Research, and Nucleic Acids Research. While writing her PhD thesis, she worked in marketing and development for an online biotechnology company in Germany. After graduating, she entered academic publishing, working in the editorial office of the Journal of Neurochemistry. There, she helped manage the peer review of submitted manuscripts; coordinated communications among authors, reviewers, and editors; performed market, citation, and statistical analyses; and wrote research summaries for publicity materials. Dr Kinoshita joined Edanz in August 2015 as a Research Consultant in the Fukuoka office.

2014 – PhD Biochemistry, Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands
Research Consultant
Senior Editors