Bettina Gnagi

Ms Gnagi combines an academic background in neuroscience with a strong interest in Japanese culture, language, and business. During her undergraduate studies, she participated in a student exchange program at the National University of Yokohama, with a scholarship from the Japanese Student Services Organization.

Ms Gnagi continued her studies in biology and completed a Master’s degree in Molecular Life Sciences with a focus on neurobiology and developmental biology at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Her research focused on neurodegeneration in Drosophila fly models. To study potential genetic markers related to Parkinson’s disease, she used techniques such as behavioral assays, histochemistry, and high-end fluorescence laser microscopy.

She returned to Japan to complete a 6-month internship at the Science & Technology Office in the Embassy of Switzerland in Tokyo. As an intern, her main role was to report the latest findings in various science- and technology-related fields. Ms Gnagi also represented universities at Japanese study abroad fairs and provided information to students interested in studying abroad.

Ms Gnagi joined Edanz Group in 2014 and has since been closely working with the freelance editorial team. Her role includes recruitment, onboarding, and general management of the freelance team.


2013 - MSc Molecular Life Sciences, University of Bern

2010 - BSc Biology, University of Bern

Editorial Resource Manager
In-House Editorial Team