Adam Goulston

Mr Goulston has a combined educational and professional background in journalism (print and online), IT, and social sciences. He is a board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS) and is pursuing a master’s degree in health sciences with an emphasis on public health. The last decade of his career has been devoted to editing research and documentation primarily in economics, IT, social sciences, development studies, and business. He worked as an Editor for 3 years with an independent research arm of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, refining policy papers and academic critiques, followed by over 5 years as an Editor/Translator for a Tokyo-based translation company and publisher engaged with numerous high-level researchers and multinational corporate clients. Proficient in Japanese with translation experience, his foreign language study gives him a deep understanding of ESL authors and their writing styles and he is highly versed in the challenges of ESL authors publishing their work for a global audience. Mr Goulston’s undergraduate studies focused on print journalism and emerging online journalism and his early career featured management of online community development (the roots of social networking) with Internet startups in the United States as well as IT support in Japan. His master’s research focused on the issue of the emerging “digital divide,” IT implementation in developing countries and its impacts on discourse and social infrastructure, and Asian urban development. He later worked to assist IT implementation with NGOs and UN organizations in Thailand and Cambodia before returning to Japan. Mr Goulston joined Edanz Group as an in-house Senior Language Editor in the Fukuoka office in 2014.

2002 - MISD: Master of International Social Development, University of New South Wales, Australia
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