Even when all your research is done, you face the daunting task of writing it up. You are now a writer, and there will be times when you just can't get going. We asked some of our long-time experts to give us some ideas on overcoming writer's block.


Authors who don't use English as a first language face challenges beyond writing in English. We asked some of our long-time experts to share their thoughts on the added challenges of being an ESL/EFL author.


Jennifer Smith, PhD, botanist and biochemist, has been working with Edanz since 2007. An extremely positive presence both on the page and in conversation, Dr Smith advises authors at all stages in their careers to not be discouraged by rejection.


Richard Haase, PhD, a former in-house physics editor in our Beijing office now edits from New Zealand. Dr Haase, a physicist, cultivator of roses, and expert on a variety of quandaries from the mathematical to the atomic, has worked for Edanz since 2008.


Kate Fox, PhD, is an Oxford-educated microbiologist who has been working with Edanz since 2009. In her editing and scientific review, Dr. Fox covers a diverse and valuable range of biological disciplines.


Steve O'Shea, PhD, has been working with Edanz since 2014. Pictured here in a submersible around the Ogasawara Islands in Japan, Dr O'Shea is a world-renowned expert in the giant squid.