Why do we use analysis of variance (ANOVA) when we are interested in the differences among means?

ANOVA is used to compare differences of means among more than 2 groups. It does this by looking at variation in the data and where that variation is found (hence its name). Specifically, ANOVA compares the amount of variation between groups with the amount of variation within groups. It can be used for both observational and experimental studies.


Most empirical studies fall into two groups: experimental studies and observational studies.

Experimental studies

In an experiment, a researcher manipulates a variable (e.g., imposes some treatment) to study its effect. An experiment usually involves:


Where to send your manuscript?

Selection of an appropriate journal and publication type is critical: get it right and you instantly increase your chances of successful publication and regular citation. Conversely, sending a manuscript to an inappropriate journal is a frequent cause of rejection.