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Senior Editors

Michael Pack

2011 - MBA, University of California at Davis, USA 2002 - BSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of California at Santa Cruz, USA

Michael Pack worked as a medicinal chemist for six years in the pharmaceutical industry in North America. His work focused on high throughput methods of synthesis and purification, as well as the planning and synthesis of focused small-molecule libraries. During this time, he helped develop potential drugs for diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Michael is skilled in a variety of purification procedures and instrument usage, as well as chemical synthesis procedures. He also wrote numerous scientific reports on chemical procedures and the molecular biology of oncology during his time as a researcher. Leaving the lab bench, Michael undertook an MBA focused on biotechnology marketing and finance. He then worked as a consultant for two biotechnology firms. His worked involved pricing IND drugs through of variety of methods, including risk adjusted net present value models, and intellectual properties pricing. Michael has authored a number of patents for chemical synthesis of oncology drugs, and has edited many scientific manuscripts in a wide variety of fields. He joined the Edanz Group as an in-house senior editor in the Fukuoka office in 2012.

Dr Andrew Jackson

2013 - PhD Chemistry, University of Queensland, Australia

Dr Jackson is an internationally trained chemist with academic and industrial experience in materials science. At Oxford University, he focused on the mechanisms of C-H bond activation and organometallic catalysis, which allowed him to also do research at Kyoto University. After working in industry, developing novel methods for synthesizing reagents, he entered the doctoral program at the University of Queensland, studying at the Centre for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE). His research at COPE focused on the synthesis and characterization of nanocrystal/organic composites and optoelectronic applications of these materials. During his time at COPE, he helped develop novel macromolecules for organic light-emitting diodes and nanocrystalline catalysts for water-splitting. Bringing with him his expertise in chemistry and materials science, Dr Jackson joined Edanz in 2013 as a Senior Editor based in the Fukuoka office.

Adam Goulston

2002 - MISD: Master of International Social Development, University of New South Wales, Australia

Mr Goulston has a combined educational and professional background in journalism (print and online), IT, and social sciences. He is a board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS) and is pursuing a master’s degree in health sciences with an emphasis on public health. The last decade of his career has been devoted to editing research and documentation primarily in economics, IT, social sciences, development studies, and business. He worked as an Editor for 3 years with an independent research arm of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, refining policy papers and academic critiques, followed by over 5 years as an Editor/Translator for a Tokyo-based translation company and publisher engaged with numerous high-level researchers and multinational corporate clients. Proficient in Japanese with translation experience, his foreign language study gives him a deep understanding of ESL authors and their writing styles and he is highly versed in the challenges of ESL authors publishing their work for a global audience. Mr Goulston’s undergraduate studies focused on print journalism and emerging online journalism and his early career featured management of online community development (the roots of social networking) with Internet startups in the United States as well as IT support in Japan. His master’s research focused on the issue of the emerging “digital divide,” IT implementation in developing countries and its impacts on discourse and social infrastructure, and Asian urban development. He later worked to assist IT implementation with NGOs and UN organizations in Thailand and Cambodia before returning to Japan. Mr Goulston joined Edanz Group as an in-house Senior Language Editor in the Fukuoka office in 2014.

Dr Kate Harris

2010 – PhD Chemistry, University of Basel, Switzerland

Dr Harris has a PhD and postdoctoral research experience in supramolecular and co-ordination chemistry. She has specific knowledge of NMR spectroscopy, in particular of diffusion techniques and the measurement and analysis of NMR spectra of paramagnetic compounds. Her PhD thesis was entitled “Polymer or macrocycle? Cobalt complexes of ditopic 2,2’:6’,2”-terpyridine ligands with flexible spacers,” and involved an in-depth study of both the solution speciation and the solid-state structures of these complexes. After graduating, Dr Harris spent 2 years at The University of Tokyo where she worked on the non-covalent functionalization of large self-assembled spherical complexes. She has published her work in several international journals, including the Journal of the American Chemical Society and Chemical Communications, and has presented at national and international conferences. During her PhD, Kate worked as an editorial assistant for the journal Polyhedron. She has also worked as a freelance language editor for manuscripts written by non-native English-speaking authors, including those accepted for publication by ChemPhysChem. Dr Harris joined the Edanz Group as an in-house Senior Editor in December 2014 and is based in the Fukuoka office.

Dr Trevor Lane - Education Director and Senior Publishing Consultant

1995 - PhD Physiological Sciences, University of Oxford, UK

Dr Lane has a broad background in the biomedical sciences, having graduated with an MA in Biochemistry and Chemical Pharmacology and a PhD in the molecular and cellular biology of cancer from the University of Oxford. He has also held postdoctoral positions in clinical oncology and microbial genetics in Hong Kong. He has since served in a variety of editorial roles in academic, research, and publishing institutions. He has worked as managing editor of several general and specialist medical journals based in Asia and senior editor of two social science journals based in the United States. Most recently, he taught science research communication at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong. Dr Lane is a member of the World Association of Medical Editors and the Committee on Publication Ethics. He also holds a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Trinity College London and a Postgraduate Certificate in English Language Teaching from the University of Reading. He joined the Edanz Group as a Senior Editor in the Fukuoka office in 2015.

Dr Ruth Tunn

2013 – PhD Pharmacology, University of Oxford, UK

Dr Tunn has an academic background in the biomedical sciences and is experienced in a wide range of molecular biology techniques, including protein expression and analysis, stem cell culture, and quantitative reverse transcription PCR. After gaining a BA in Physiological Sciences, she joined the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford to study the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of fat cells and tissues. Specifically, she investigated intracellular calcium signaling and the expression of a family of cation channels (two-pore channels) in mammalian cells; the role of these channels in the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into fat cells (adipogenesis); and body composition in transgenic mice using time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance. She co-authored several papers on these topics, which were published in international journals including the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Endocrinology, and Molecular and Cellular Biology. During her PhD, Dr Tunn worked as a graduate teaching assistant and tutor for the preclinical medical degree program at the University of Oxford. After graduating, she obtained a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from Edge Hill University, specializing in mathematics. She joined the Edanz Group as a Senior Editor in 2015 and is based in the Fukuoka office.

Dr Eri Kinoshita

2014 – PhD Biochemistry, Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands

Dr Kinoshita has an academic background in the life sciences and has expertise in protein expression, purification, and analysis, as well as a wide variety of molecular biology techniques. She is bilingual in English and Japanese, and has experience in scientific and technical communication and science-based business development. After gaining a BA with a double major in Psychology and Biology from the International Christian University, Japan, she moved to the Netherlands, where she received an MSc in Molecular (Plant) Biotechnology from Leiden University and a PhD in Biochemistry from the Erasmus University Medical Center. For her PhD research, Dr Kinoshita studied a protein complex (Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1) that is involved in DNA repair and chromosome stability, and she published her research in several international peer-reviewed journals including Genes and Development, Chromosome Research, and Nucleic Acids Research. While writing her PhD thesis, she worked in marketing and development for an online biotechnology company in Germany. After graduating, she entered academic publishing, working in the editorial office of the Journal of Neurochemistry. There, she helped manage the peer review of submitted manuscripts; coordinated communications among authors, reviewers, and editors; performed market, citation, and statistical analyses; and wrote research summaries for publicity materials. Dr Kinoshita joined Edanz in August 2015 as a Research Consultant in the Fukuoka office.

Quality Control Editing Team

Scott Wysong

2015 - BELS Certification 1994 - BA Copywriting, Art Institute of California, USA

Scott has lived in Japan since 1995, and prior to joining Edanz, worked as a Japanese-English translator for 8 years. Scott has a BA in Copywriting and is also fluent in Japanese. As the senior member of the Quality Control Editing Team, Scott is involved in doing meticulous final checks of our clients' projects, developing training materials for new editors, and testing new editor candidates.


Ayli Chong

2005 – BHlthSci Hearing and Speech, The University of Sydney, Australia

​Ayli’s studies focused on the biological and linguistic mechanisms underlying hearing and speech processes. Administrative work at The University of Sydney in 2009 roused an interest in copy editing. A lifelong desire to visit Japan saw her seize the opportunity to teach English on a remote island in Okinawa for 2 years from 2010. Ayli began working at Edanz in May 2013, where she applies her enthusiasm for and knowledge of language as a valued member of the Quality Control Editing team.


Alan Purvis

2004 - BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering, University of Manchester, UK

Alan studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester and graduated with a BEng (Hons) in 2004. Keen to broaden his horizons, he moved to Japan in 2005 and started teaching at an English language school near Tokyo. For 9 years he taught students of all ages and from all walks of life, building an in-depth knowledge of English. This expertise and his technical background make him an invaluable member of the QC team at Edanz, which he joined in August 2014.

Abeer Fadl

2012 - MA Political Science, The University of Windsor, Canada 2012 - MPP Public Policy, The University of Michigan, USA

Throughout her academic career, Abeer focused on politics, policy making and international relations, with a particular interest in writing, history and languages. Soon after completing her Master of Public Policy degree at the University of Michigan in 2012, Abeer moved to a rural town in Hiroshima Prefecture to teach English and to realize her goals of traveling Japan and immersing herself in a new language and culture. In spring 2015, ready to experience city life in Japan, Abeer moved to Fukuoka and joined Edanz, where she continues to apply her language skills and experience as part of the Quality Control Editing team.

Chris Norman

2005 - BA Japanese Studies, University of Sheffield, UK

Born and raised in the UK, Chris graduated with a BA in Japanese Studies from the University of Sheffield. As part of his studies, he spent a year at Meiji University, Japan. After graduating, he worked for five years as a Japanese-English translator and interpreter, giving him insight into the difficulties encountered by non-native authors. He brings these valuable language skills to his role in Edanz where he began working as a copy editor in 2010. Chris is fluent in Japanese.

Luke Kenyon

2002 - BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing, University of Bolton, UK

Luke graduated with a BA (Hons) in English and Creative Writing from the University of Bolton in 2002. He moved to Japan in 2004, and spent 9 years teaching a wide range of focused English curricula to non-native speakers, awakening an interest in copy editing and the STM industry. Luke joined Edanz in December 2013, where he applies his knowledge of the writing process, his love of language and his attention to detail as a valued member of the Quality Control Editing Team.

Julia Schumann-Mudrick

2013 - MSc Ethnobotany, University of Kent, UK

Julia moved to rural Mie Prefecture, Japan in 2012 to conduct fieldwork for her master’s thesis on local volunteer forestry workers’ use of non-timber forest plants. After graduating from the University of Kent with a degree in Ethnobotany (an interdisciplinary field combining botany and anthropology), she decided to stay in Mie Prefecture and spent the following two years helping to teach academic writing and presentation skills at the university level. Julia brings several years of experience as a volunteer editor and translator to the Edanz Quality Control Team, which she joined in August 2015.

Lilly Gray

2012 - BA Communication Studies, Hollins University, USA

Lilly earned her BA in Communication Studies from Hollins University in 2012. Her focus at school was ideological and cultural criticism, culminating in an honors thesis analyzing conflict representation in a national museum. After graduating, she moved to Toyama, Japan, where she spent three years teaching English at a rural high school. Along with facing the everyday challenges of foreign language instruction, she wrote various articles for regional and online publications. In 2015, she moved to Fukuoka to join the Quality Control team at Edanz.


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