Workshops in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Brazil, already famous for stunning scenery and wonderful hospitality, is fast becoming a major source of exciting scientific research. Edanz joined its partners Springer and BioMed Central to host a series of author workshops there between March 13 and 19, with the aim of helping Brazilian authors tackle some of the challenges they face in getting published in international journals.


Presentations were given by Edanz Group Science Director Dr. Daniel McGowan, Mariana Biojones and Dr. Harry Blom from Springer, and BioMed Central's Dr. Nandita Quaderi and Fiona Pring. These presentations focused on the opportunities that exist for South American researchers and the ways in which authors can seize these opportunities and get their research published. After the presentations, there were invaluable opportunities to meet with the audience and respond to their questions. A lot was learned all round from these engaging and stimulating discussions.



Attendance for these workshops exceeded all expectations, with hundreds of South American scientists at all career stages benefitting from this exciting opportunity. Over 800 people registered for the FAPESP-sponsored workshop in São Paulo on March 16, necessitating a venue change to accomodate everyone. The reception given the presenters by the attendees was overwhelmingly positive and Edanz and our partners are excited to return to Brazil in the near future.